Multiple food sensitivities, Gluten intolerance, GFCF, Allergies, Leaky Gut... The old diet is wrong : EASE CLIENTS INTO A NEW WAY OF EATING, in minutes. RotationDietPlus© Software delivers a client-customized 4-day meal plan with few food restrictions : know what CAN be eaten, what to buy : Food Anxiety is first client minutes.

Elson M. Haas, MD says the 4-day rotation diet is the most common diet for allergies. , He also includes it as part of his ideal health maintenance diet for everyone. There is NO downside to rotating foods.

Step 1: At first client visit, eliminate diagnosed IgE allergens while also reducing sensitivity to ALL foods(IgG?) by rotating = a wide variety of nutrient-rich foods left to eat. Step 2: Next visit, monitor symptom trends and add back or remove foods. Step 3: If symptoms / inflammations persist after a few 4-day rotations, use the software to modify the nutrition-rich 4-day rotation diet for other diet principles, step by step : ie. GFCF, SCD, Paleo, glycemic index, alkaline, vegetarian, food combining, Atkins, GAPS…

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Easy to Start

Rotation Diet Plus Software for Professionals and IndividualsPizza, chips, not provide the rich nutrients needed to improve wellness. Food Rotation does: (1) nutrient-rich whole foods; (2) eaten fresh daily (fewer moldy leftovers); (3) from a wider variety of foods than the Standard American Diet...yes, more foods to eat; (4) whole foods are additive-free. This is NOT a restrictive Elimination diet impossible to comply with, causing anxiety. This is real, step by step longterm and balanced diet change.
“I have to say the software really helped me to organize my thoughts and utilize my doctor’s instructions on dietary advice better. Before using this software, I was very stressed trying to make up my own rotation. It (software) really cut down on time…” (User, April 2017. )

The rotation diet for food sensitivities is now easy to start!

Customize in Minutes

Rotation Diet Plus Software for Professionals and Individuals Poor diet defeats the best supplements and protocols. So give clients a rich, nutritional "safety net".

Customize,customize,customize : Simple keystrokes 1) Remove and than add back foods, as wellness improves; 2) Identify entire food families (ie. nightshade); 3) Move entire food families to suit client “family recipes”; 4) customize for i.e. SCD or PALEO, GLYCEMIC, ALKALINE, VEGETARIAN, ATKINS, GAPS, Mediterranean DIABETES…

Print to document progress in client file. (ie. we fully assessed GFCF, but symtoms did not improve so we moved to SCD principles with food combining). Save to work from at next visit.

The 4-day rotation diet for food allergies is easy to customize!

Easy for the Client to Comply

Rotation Diet Plus Software for Professionals and IndividualsEasy ! Repeat the same meal plan every 4 days. Keeping it simple at first.
Practitioner can help guide client to EASY recipes…that are maximally absorbable and digestible, and to healthier and easier cooking methods: ie. crockpot (easy and convenient).

The client arrived motivated… start their diet now. The Food Choices table serves as shopping list. The Meal Ideas table gives client a clear idea what CAN and cannot be eaten(strikeouts visible as reminder). Your client will say, "I know what to eat! For Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. And I can finally cook one single family meal" (visible strikeouts extend choices for others).

The rotary diversified diet is now easy to comply with!